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Nestopia 1.06 Released!

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Nestopia is a NES emulator for Windows.

- Fixed the input bug that sneaked up in v1.05. IDirectInputDevice8::Poll() was the cause. I forgot it could return DI_NOEFFECT which is not the same as DI_OK. The bug affected devices that didn't need manual polling.
- Fixed a bug that caused all soundcards without support for hardware-mixed secondary buffers to not work.
- Did some small optimizations in the PPU core.
- Changed so that state slots are flushed to files (if enabled) every time the user saves instead of only during load/close.
- Modified the path dialog. Two check mark buttons now control the auto loading and saving of state slots.
- Less sound stutter when toggling the menu in fullscreen.
- Tweaked the render queue and put a limit on how many frames behind the GPU can be. This is to prevent sudden jerks and input lag.

[url="http://sourceforge.net/projects/nestopia"]Download It Here[/url]

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