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BlackKnight’s PSX on your PSP Tutorial

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why do we need the hotshots golf for?


It copies the PSP format overhead from that PSN game to your ISO. If the relevant data were hacked out of the original PBP, there would be messy issues regarding distribution of reverse-engineered code. This way, if you want to play your ISOs, you just need a freely purchasable file. Avoids a bit of red tape this way.

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In the Second Step.


You said: -Load the *.cue file you just made into the first field, and choose the ‘PSX2PSP’ folder in the second.


But in the first field is the .bin file that is loaded. just to be clear is the bin or the cue file that goes in this field.




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thanks just put tony hawk pro skater 2 on my psp, one question is there any way to play game in full screen, right now the top and bottom and sides are cutt off if u know what i mean.


nvm, figured it out

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Well, BK is not around anymore and only he and Mooney (who is also not around) has the most knowledge on PSP and their capabilities.


i only know how to put ISO and pls the games :D


Still, glad to see you have worked it out!

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