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Duke3DS Released


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Release Info


Port of the Duke3d from the GP2x port

The home page of the NDS port is http://gpf.dcemu.co.uk .


dpad move Duke

a fire

b jump

x look up

y look down

lefttrig strafe left

righttrig strafe right

select use item

start select

touchscreen look around, change weapon



dldi patch .nds and copy it and defs.con, game.con, user.con, duke3d.grp and supplied duke3d.cfg to /duke3d directory of card. might be case sensitive with Uppercase. It still needs sound added and network support, but is playable with your own provided shareware .grp or full version .grp file.


thanks and enjoy,

Troy Davis(GPF)


Get it here: DCEmu Release Thread

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