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Moonshell v1.7 beta1 Released

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Shell replacement for NDS

Ver1.7beta1 doesn't change excluding the DPG decoding at all.

Please copy the NDSROM file for adaptor onto media that have installed Version1.6 (or Ver1.7beta0).


Version 1.7 beta0 2007/03/04


The DPG video decoder do speed-up.

OGG was supported with DPG audio. (Only very low bit rate.)


Version 1.7 beta1 2007/03/04


'Touch panel GUI draw bug' in DPG playing was corrected.

The bug that was not able to be ended with DPG/MP2 was corrected.

The GUI drawing bug when starting was corrected.

Start DPG playing from resume. The color bug was corrected.

Get it here: Infantile Paralysiser

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