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GTA:LCS Cheat Device for 2.00-3.03

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Cheating tool for GTA:LCS on the PSP

Freeplay has released an unofficial upgrade for the Liberty City Stories Cheat Device.


This version should allow you to use the cheat device on firmwares, from 2.00 to 3.03.


Heres whats new:


I hacked version 1.0d of the LCS cheat device so that it uses save slot #9, which makes the exploit work on firmwares 2.71 through 3.03. This should make it possible to run the cheat device on all firmwares from 2.00 through 3.03. I've tested it on 2.00, 2.71, and 3.03, and it works on all of those. For some reason, 2.70 didn't work.

Get it here: DCEmu Release Thread

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