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Official PS3 Firmware 1.54 Released

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The PLAYSTATION®3 system software version 1.54 update (with 1.50/1.51) includes the following:


* Users

o You can now select an image to use as the User icon from [Photo].

* Settings

o [Key Tone] has been added as an option under [sound Settings].

o [Delete Backup Data] has been added as an option under [system Settings] > [backup Utility].

o WEP 128, WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA-PSK (AES) have been added as security methods that can be used with [AOSS™] under [Automatic].*

* If you have already set up for AOSS using an earlier version of the system software, you must perform AOSS setup again to use the security methods listed above.

* When [Automatic] is selected, the security method to be used is automatically set.

* AOSS is a trademark of Buffalo, Inc.

* Game

o New for 1.51: Support for PLAYSTATION®3 format software titles has been expanded.

* Friends

o New for 1.54: [screen Mode] has been added as an option in the options menu for video chat. The image of the person you are chatting with during video chat can now be changed to match the screen size.

o New for 1.54: You can now use a compatible USB camera compliant with USB video class (UVC) for video chat.


* For information on supported models and usage instructions, contact the retailer where the cameras are sold.

o The method for saving your password / signing in automatically under PLAYSTATION®Network has been changed. There are now two separate options.


* Other

o You can now enter text in Korean using the on-screen keyboard.

Source / Download You can also update your PS3 by using the "System Update" feature.

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