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Two DLDI enabled BIOS/Firmware dumpers for NDS

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DLDI enabled tool that will dump your DS firmware, Arm7 and Arm9 bios to your device. For more info on what DLDI is, see here.


Currently only tested on a NA DSLite using EZ4LD GBA slot card and EZ5 DS slot card.


Source is not currently included, though if there are enough requests I would probably post it.


Based on: CaitSith’s arm7 asm code posted at GBATemp and a firmware dumper source that I no longer remember exactly where I found it.

Get it HERE

I’m aware that FluBBa and pepsiman have already written BIOS dumpers, but neither of these work well with modern carts (i.e. Slot-1 carts), and no source was available. So I whipped up my own ARM7/ARM9 BIOS dumper that should work on any cart supported by DLDI.


Thanks to Martin Korth for the info on GBATEK, and cearn for helping me with my assembly.


Edit: And right after I posted this I found out about DSBF_dump. Oh well.

Source / Downloads

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