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[7/28/03] Sonic Adventure 2

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Systems: Dreamcast, GameCube

Emulators: None


Well since Sonic Adventure DX is out for GameCube, I thought I should review this game since some have never played this game. There are several fun factors in this game that really no other Sonic Adventure game can beat. You can chose to be "Shadow" Sonic (Evil Sonic) or of course regular Sonic.


Most sonic fans will chose "Sonic" since he has been in all of the sonic games and of course is the leading character. The graphics in this game can not be beat and I tested the game on a Dreamcast. The character expressions and animations are superb. Some letdowns were that you were not able to really get out of bounds from where the game wanted you to go. For example in the first level you are surfing on the street; it is impossible to turn left or right completely in a different area. It locks you in where you have to go and not where you would seek to go. Also there weren't that many moves that you can really do with the characters.


It was the usual jump and roll into a ball and hit something or jump and speed in a ball and get closer to something. There were no new moves or what I would call "Eye-Appealing" stunts that you could really do. What kept this game so good though were the deeply expressed levels. Like running down a cliff so fast and seeing everything still around in tact, not just a big blur. The bosses were actually fun to beat and of course who can forget the stars to keep yourself generated and alive instead of those one hit one shot games that your dead and its a game over. Your like a cat with 9 lives, but a ton more. Most of all there is no "Tails" following you wherever you go like in Sonic 3.


At times though you may feel that your 4 year old peeps should be playing this game because of the kiddy screens and animations, but if you really think about it, this is one of the best RPG-Action game series you will ever play. Many Nintendo fans are also lucky because now Nintendo has a contract to be the only one to get the upcoming sonic games. There was one thing that I did not like though, which was the music. The background music can seriously trigger a annoying mood out of you. Its very cheesy, especially for Sonic levels. But if you want, just mute the sound and stick on some music on your walkman and listen to that when you play. There is also subtitles along when the characters when they speak. There are double the worlds since its a different world for both "Shadow" & "Sonic". Its basically the premier and the first game "Shadow" has appeard in the Sonic The Hedgehog Series. I would recommend starting the game first wtih "Shadow" instead of "Sonic" to really get the feel of this new creation in the Sonic Games even though he was in the cartoons and now in the new Game Boy Advance games. Also camera-control problems were fixed in this game because the first version for many was quite annoying. Everything is fully detailed from cars to big rigs trying to run you over in the first level with "Sonic". Most of all its impossible to complain about speed in this game because your always running. There are also minigames with "Tails" and "Eggman", as well as other characters. If you are a dreamcast owner, I'd absollutely recommend buying this game from eBay, EBGames.com, or your local gaming store if they have copies still. If they don't, look in the used game section. This is one of the best game ever made for Dreamcast and even though it came for GameCube too, I will always recommend the first system it came out on which of course was the Dreamcast!


Speed: 9.5

GamePlay: 10

Graphics: 9.5

Sound: 7.5


Overall Score: 9.1


Grade: A-


Overall I give this game a :roll:


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