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DSOrganize v2.5 Released

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Homebrew organizer application for NDS.

Fixes found in 2.5


* Worked on making DSOrganize take up less memory on its own for more plugin memory.

* Switched to more dynamic approach for plugins. Things should work better now.

* Changed home screen to display current and next two day planner events instead of past ones.

* Changed plugin vblank handling to give dedicated vblank access to plugins/exes when run.

* Changed some code on the arm9 recieve fifo queue, hopefully fixing the random sound/keyboard freeze.

* Changed arm7 upsampling code to sound better for amplified mp3's.

* Changed calculator memory usage to allow for larger numbers.

* Added in newest ogg vorbis memory leak fix.

* Added echo, cls, wait commands to homebrew database script.

* Added ability to swap buffers on only the top or bottom screen in plugins.

* Added ability for plugins to query which screen DSO is on (for those that hook to the draw function).

* Added simple battery saver function and debug write to disc function to plugin API.

* Added repeat to all keys in the keyboard and fixed a glitch where char 255 couldn't be typed.

* Added .dss shortcut type. Shortcuts can point to any file or directory except for another shortcut.

* Added access to the PSG on the arm9 for plugins.

* Added the missing commands for dswifi to the plugin API.

* Fixed erasor glitch in scribble.

* Fixed weird wrapping glitches introduced after the text fix.

* Fixed glitch in syntax highlighting for html files introduced after text fix.

* Fixed glitch where if resource0.bin is missing, DSO does not jump to your preferred start page.

* Fixed error with ID3 tags containing a carriage return/line feed.

* Fixed crash on loading iconsets from directories longer than 29 characters.

* Fixed two irc crash bugs relating to bad server replies (ie on irc.enterthegame.com).

* Removed mikmod loaders for all types but xm, it, s3m, mod due to low popularity.


*NOTE: Since the plugin architecture has been updated, please download the latest version of your favorite plugins to continue using them.

Get it HERE

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