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PlayStation 2 USB


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Im planning on buying a WD Passport 120GB portable HDD.


Anyway I was just curious to know if the USB 1.1 ports on the front of the PlayStation 2 (v4 / fat model if it matters) are capable of powering the drive (for use with SMS etc).


Also is a drive like that - power from mini-USB, FAT32 formatted - considered a 'Mass Storage Device' ? If so, since theyre listed as part of the PS2 specification, it should reasonably work right?


Whether it will work or not wont affect my purchase... like I said Im just curious. Any ideas?

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It depends, make sure it doesnt use some weird IDE interface adaptor garbage, i have 2 external HDDs that are like that and you have to have special drivers to use them so they dont work on my PS2 or 360 or anything.


Just ask someone if you can just plug it in and use it without installing anything on a PC, if it can do that it should work.

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