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[7/27/03] WWE Raw

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Game: WWE Raw

System: Tested On PC, Also Available on XBOX

Emulators: None




Its kind of weird I'm reviewing a game that now has a sequel out for XBOX. Well the reason why I'm really reviewing it is because its the first 3D WWE wrestling game for PC. Many people have been waiting for a game like this to release on PC's for years. At times there were rumors that some of the "SMACKDOWN" series games may be released to PC. Unfortunattely it never happened and we had to get this "Regular" game for the PC. Why do I say "Regular".. here's why:


- There are NO Steel Cage matches.

- No Royal Rumble matches.

- No Ladder matches (come on you can fit it or support it for this game, were not in 1999 still)

- No Hell in a Cell matches.


...... Basically what I am trying to say is that this is a "Regular" game as I stated before. There are only regular wrestling matches such as, tornadoe, hardcore (not really), battle royal (this is not royal rumble), tag matches, and regular exhibition matches. The "Create a Wrestler" option in this game to me is kinda cheesy. Some interesting stuff brought back from the old 3D games of WWE like the "Biography Mode" was reintroduced again in WWE Raw. One thing that pushes this game to have a higher score than it needs is its graphics.


The graphics are outstanding and the characters expressions are really just unbelievable! If you see Chris Jericho come out you will actually see his face and mouth moving as if it was really him. However I think instead they could have lessened on the graphics and added some more options or wrestling moves. Your also going to need a GamePad for this game. It will be a pure waste of time with the keyboard. (I recommend GamePad Pro, its $10 and its the best!)




There's also about 4-5 hidden characters, if you have the PC version you should get a trainer at one of the following below links. You can also be Fred Durst as in the older SMACKDOWN games. For sound it lacks a great deal in my opinion. Thankfuly there is no real commentary as in the older WWE games. However some stuff I didn't like was that they could have added character sounds when they are moving their mouth. Other than that, they also could have added some background music to actually get the person in tune to the game as in WWF No Mercy & WrestleMania 2000 for N64. There also is really no "noticable" fan sayings. You may here a chant, but thats about it. Overall I recommened getting the demo before buying this game from below. Your also going to need at least a Geforce 4 for this game. It even strains my Gefore FX which is basically a Geforce 5.


Speed: 6

GamePlay: 5

Graphics: 10

Sound: 6


Overall Score: 6.75

Grade: D+


Overall I give this game a :(


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