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PSP Custom Firmware 1.53 by eiffel56

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Custom firmware 1.53 is built on 1.50’s underlying weaknesses with additional goodies that you see below. Enjoy the simplicity!


* Recovery Menu

* Boot Menu

* Integrated uxMB

* You can start 1.00 style EBOOTS

* You can hide corrupt data icons

* You can start ISO/DAX files

* You can load your own plugins(PRX)

* Autoboot EBOOTs at startup

* Never turn off the backlight in XMB


Installation and usage notes from the readme:


Just copy all files from MS_ROOT to your Memory Stick and run the installer. WARNING: It could BRICK your PSP. You do this on your own risk! The installer can Update any 1.50, 1.50 Custom Firmware POC, 1.50 EE-A.


Just hold R while booting up your PSP to enter the recovery menu. From here you can unbrick your PSP and set some options.

To activate the boot menu, hold L while booting. From here you can start the XMB, iRShell and an own UI.

Note for iRShell: You need an unkxploitet 2.xx Version. Simply copy everything in flash0:/irshell.


To show the uxMB menu, press select in the XMB. From here you can activate USB, start ISO/DAX files and so on.

Note for ISO/DAX loading: You need an UMD inserted to use this Feature. If a game wont load, hook the file in XMB(X Button) and try to start it via MPH Game Launcher.


To load plugins, simply put the path to them in the ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/plugins.txt.


Note: if you’re using an OE custom firmware, you’ll need to flash back to 1.50 [via the recovery console] first. Then run the supplied 1.53 installer. Good luck!

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