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PSPRadio 1.1.1271 Released

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New release



All releases are for F/W 2+ with OE (tested on 3.03B); no more static/dynamic mumbo-jumbo. All releases are what was formerly known as dynamic; i.e. plugin based.

There are some things not quite working yet, like L+R+START, USB.


NOTE: If a plugin stops responding, try L+R+START (should take you back to PSPRadio)



1.1.1271 (2007-02-12)


(raf) Core+UI Plugins: Added Skin selection support to PSPRadio (finally). This can be accessed via the Options menu (skin option). -Optimized.

(raf) Plugins: Added a version check system. From now on, plugins will only work if designed for the same interface version of PSPRadio (in this case 1.1).


(raf) Plugins: Plugin unloading work-around implemented. Root cause still under investigation. This means plugins can now be loaded/unloaded, switching between user interfaces works, etc.

(raf) Core: Added skins made by Albatross. Thanks, Alba!


(raf) Core: USB is not working, menu option removed for now (With AhMan's help this will hopefully be working again on the next version)

(raf) Core: Static IP connections don't work correctly. Seems the gateway is not used as it should.

(raf) Core: Module unloading doesn't free up all memory correctly. Even though plugins can now be loaded/unloaded, the PSP can eventually crash as it runs out of memory (after loading/unloading enough times; even though I switched back and forth between the text and 3d UIs over 20 times, and everything worked fine).

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