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Chaotic Forumz , Come one Come All >>>>>>&

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Ok, I am here to put a plug in for the new forum I am now a memeber of.

If any of yo remeber PinkPuff then you know the people who are on this new forum.


As for the good old PinkPuff, yes it is gone. But now there is Chaotic Forumz, The newer and better version of the older site.


We still have the battle system and the arcade. We are also spposed to be getting a jukebox.


We even have our own RO server, Free, yes I said Free to all members of CF.

So if you are interested in joining then come on over and do so.


Also if you do, please put My name in the referel box : OgreSnot.

Yes i do get some return for referels.


Come by and have some fun, We havent had any real problems.

Though the server is down, because the site is getting a new server.

It should be back up, I hope by this saturday or by monday the latest.


So heres the URL. http://cf.hmplace.com/. Come on by and have some fun.

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--> Moving to FTP's & Weblinks

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