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PSPRadio 1.1.1258 Released

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Online Streaming Music Client for the PSP

New release


I found a bit more time on my hands, and decided to make this release..

There is are no new features on this release (from 0.38.12). But its a new start for PSPRadio, and a new direction.

Now all releases are for F/W 2+ with OE (tested on 3.03B); no more static/dynamic mumbo-jumbo. All releases are what was formerly known as dynamic; i.e. plugin based.

As such, this release is preliminary, and still a work in progress. There are many things not quite working yet, like plugin unloading, L+R+START, USB.

Also, I changed the versioning system. As its been a while since the last release; I decided to call it 1.0 (so 0.38.12 is 1.0). This, and new releases will be 1.1.xxxx, where xxxx is the repository revision at the time of the build. It will continue to be 1.1 until something major changes.


NOT WORKING: NOTE: If a plugin stops responding, try L+R+START (should take you back to PSPRadio)

NOT WORKING: Plugin unloading: meaning, if you start a plugin, when you exit, the PSP will lock up. This includes switching the UI (as the old plugin is unloaded before the new one is loaded).



1.1.1258 (2007-02-05)


(raf) Core: Version number is now 1.1.XXXX, where XXXX is the subversion revision at the time of the build.

(raf) Core: Modified Makefile targets. No more static/dynamic versions. Only Dynamic, for f/w 2.0+ (OE F/W).



(raf) Core: Modules can be loaded, but unloading causes a crash

(raf) Core: USB is not working (help is appreciated)

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