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CWCheat 0.1.6 REV. H for 3.03OE/ALL

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* added support for memory cards in the pops emulator if the new converter is used (with the homebrew DATA.PSP and no KEYS.BIN) either for the 303 and 302 EMU [POPS]

* now it’s possible to remove a code from the select cheats menu: press R + TRIANGLE [ALL]

* now it’s possible to add a new code from the select cheats menu: press R + SQUARE [ALL]


* other things and bugfixes[ALL]


CWCheat is a PRX module/plugin which allows direct cheating of any PSP game, or PSX-emulated game, under custom firmware 3.03 OE. The game cheat database is constantly updated to include the latest codes; you may also find interest in these tools for managing your cheats.

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