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EmuLoader v4.9.7.1


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Emu Loader is a Multi-Frontend for Windows.



version change log [January 22, 2007]



.fixed: Option "Use MAMu_ Icons" was being set as disabled when not using zipped icons


.fixed: Error when creating games lists at startup


.changed: Favorites Profile Editor:


- Removed "Edit User" button. You can change description / filename

"on-the-fly" now. Remember to click the "Update" button to save the changes

Selecting another profile or exiting the editor cancel the changes


- Added two extra confirmation messages when deleting a profile, so you can keep the

games list and icon files for that profile


- You can have multiple profiles with same description, but the filename must be unique


- Some minor optimizations and improvements


.added: Select a filter with mouse double-click ("Arcade Main Filters" screen)



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