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High Voltage SID Collection 46 released


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The drought is over! After the longest delay EVER between two updates we are back with another bunch of 1000+ SID tunes that bring the whole collection to a whopping 33,000 tunes! I'm confident it was worth waiting for, as the new updates has some surprises inside.

The whole collection is undergoing a massive directory structure change. So if you're downloading the update packs, be prepared for a rather long time it takes for the update tool to complete. After it has reached 60% things are becoming dog slow, but don't mistake that with a freeze or crash. It's doing its job, moving almost every tune in HVSC to its new location. Go outside for a walk and when you're back you'll have a new and shiny HVSC on your harddisk. :huh: For the full text of the update announcement, please read here.



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