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WinUAE 1.4.0 public beta #2


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Taken from the EAB


Main changes are CDTV emulation and Advanced Chipset ("do not touch if you are not sure") configuration panel.


Highly confusing changelog:


Beta 2:


- filter zoom and position is not restricted to coordinates divisible by 4 pixels anymore

- datapath command line parameter fixed (broke in 1.3.4b9)

- enumerate only known DirectInput devices types (keyboards, pointers and game controllers), apparently there are some broken DI compatible "unknown" devices that crash DirectInput's internal enumeration code..

- "magic mouse" related freezes fixed

- dragndrop disk insert fixed (again..)

- added more Picasso96 modes to "unique" mode list

- possible fix for some missing Picasso96 display modes

- added Amiga-side pointer validation to bsdsocket (smaller chance for crashing if Amiga-side program passes garbage to bsdsocket)

- added safe host<>Amiga memcpy/strcpy helper functions to memory.c

- Aminetradio bsdsocket freeze fix (broke in 1340b6)

- do not "fix" configuration when advanced chipset compatible checkbox is not checked and using A4000 rom.

- Windows driver Catweasel-mode works again

- only access CW registers if CW mouse/joystick is selected, read keyboard port only if CW checkbox is enabled



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