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MoonShell Ver1.6 finalfinalfinalbeta1

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MoonShell Ver1.6 finalfinalfinalbeta1


This is a version that can be used with 'M3Simply/R4/SCDS/EZ5'.


The disk driver changed completely.

There is a possibility that the adaptor that has worked up to now doesn't work.

I want to ask for a lot of tests.

Attention: Start NDSROM file name was changed.

folder name '/shell' was changed to '/moonshl'.

file name 'global.ini' was changed to 'moonshl.ini'.


Version 1.6finalfinalfinalbeta 2007/01/17


When dealing with the DLDI driver, the bug that was not able to detect the enhancing memory was corrected.

Corresponded to English word wrap by the text plug-in.

The text plug-in can have displayed on both screens.

'The L/R button is locked' item was added to the system menu.

The number of file reading buffers of the DPG reproduction has been expanded.

The memory leak bug of the OGG plug-in was corrected.

The enhancing memory can be used by the PNG plug-in.

Restore when the last folder is remembered, and it will start next time.

The StartPath item was deleted from the [system] section of 'moonshl.ini'.

The DLDI driver for G6Flash was renewed to 2007-01-11 version.


Version 1.6finalfinalfinalbeta1 2007/01/18


The ZLIB compression routine was backed to the Ver1.51 for the text bookmark bug.

When the error occurs even if it updates it, the bookmark file is broken.

Please delete moonshl/bookmrk0/1/2/3.sav and setup again.


Confirmed DLDI driver.

MPCF, M3CF, EZSD(EZ4MiniSD/EZ4Lite/EZ4LiteDeluxe), DLMS, EWSD, SCCF, SCSD, SCDS, NMMC, MMCF, nsd2, G6FL(G6Normal/G6Lite), EZ5S, M3SD(M3OldPro/M3NewPer/M3NewPro/M3Lite), R4TF(M3Simply-R4DS).

Unconfirmed DLDI driver.

EZSD(EZ4LiteCompact), MPSD, NJSD, M3SD(M3NormalSD/M3OldPer).

Failed DLDI driver.


Download FFFB version / Download FFFB to FFFB1 Update / Source

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