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3.03 OE-B Released

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changes in OE:


- Patched the firmware to allow decrypted mp4-AVC videos to play at 480x272 resolution.

- pic0.png was not shown in psp isos. Fixed.

- The speed functions were not dummied after setting the speed. This could cause the few games that set the cpu speed not to run at the selected speed in the recovery menu.

- Changed the structure of the program to have more free ram in game mode.

sysmemp.prx removed, systemctrl.prx splitted into systemctrl.prx and vshctrl.prx.


Note: due to the inclusion of pic0.png, the iso cache has changed slightly; as a consequence you will notice a slowdown the first time you access game menu after this update, just as if you have modified the iso folder.


Changes in docmaker:


- A flag that lets increase the limit of 100 png's to 1000 was found. (this is the real maximum number of images that support the emulator document.dat reader).

The document.dat's created with this version, can have any number of images between 1 and 1000, and they will work in whatever 3.03 OE version.




- Just copy the files/directories inside MS_ROOT to the root of your psp.


For more information regarding mp4-avc at 480x272 read the readme.

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