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DSOrganize 2.4 Released

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Fixes found in 2.4


* Fixed the infamous crash bug in IRC when someone parted with a message. (This one was hard to find!)

* Fixed some translation issues with the Configuration page.

* Fixed bug in .sd.nds and .ds.gba booting.

* Fixed text wrapping errors on rename file and address book screens.

* Fixed help text stuck on screen in sound player after viewing help.

* Fixed another parsing error with vcards.

* Fixed clipping issue with spray bottle tool in scribble pad.

* Fixed issues with displaying some error messages in irc.

* Fixed inconsistency with nds launcher and cards not supported by built-in loader.

* Fixed issue with gautami font and some upper ascii characters being mapped wrong.

* Fixed a minor streaming buffer bug that seems to help with stability.

* Fixed pausing streams caused streaming to crash.

* Added dynamic loading of code for DSO specific plugins.

* Added customizable iconsets.

* Added .aac playback.

* Added m4a/m4b file playback. The DS is too slow for higher bitrate m4a files but lower bitrates should work.

* Added irc.ini file where users can customize DSO IRC.

* Added descriptions to most of the settings in the configuration.

* Added in fallback so foreign languages without help translations will still display english help.

* Added ability to choose specific streams within a .pls file.

* Added several commands (topic, mode, invite, kick, motd, version, ping, time, ctcp, whowas) to irc.

* Added new dldi interface to allow patching to new/unsupported cards.

* Added ogg vorbis streaming support in shoutcast and icecast servers.

* Added aac streaming support in shoutcast and icecast servers.

* Added an easter egg. See if you can find it!

* Added setting so DSOrganize remembers the last playback mode.

* Added legend to todo screen in help.

* Added m3u playlist support.

* Added symbols for copyright, registered, trademark, euro, pound, and yen to the character set.

* Changed random mode in playback to act more like shuffle.

* Changed picture loading screen to just moving bar, as progress was terribly inaccurate.

* Changed hilighting style on menus.

* Changed streaming detection to properly support iceCast streams.

* Changed buffer behavior on streams to buffer to 200% and more vigorously, for longer stream times.

* Changed .pls file parser to allow regular file playlists.

* Changed browser pull-up menu support to be easier to get to.

* Initialized volume to stop the 500% error when booting from moonshell.

* Re-ported tremor and mad for much better audio playback.

* Updated dswifi library to latest as usual.

* Stopped scrollbar from appearing on very short html files.

* Looked at microphone code, no real way to make the quality better due to speed of writing.

* Redid home screen splash to instead be an overview of the day.

* Made it so the browser doesn't sequentially or randomly play playlist files in sound mode, and changed the playlist icon.

* Rewrote a lot of the HTML renderer. It renders slower now, but will load much much longer pages.

o Fixed weird wordwrap issue with multiple font sizes

o Fixed a bug with style tags at the very end of an html file

o Fixed a bug where opening a page with different colored links left all pages displaying that link color.

o Added bullets and numbered lists

o Stopped extra whitespaces from appearing

o Changed formatting for <div> and <p> tags

o Added <hr>, <big>, <tt>, <code>, <strike>, <h6>, <frameset> with <noframes>, <sub>, <sup>, <em> <strong>, <cite>, <dfn>, <var>, <samp>, <kbd>

o Ignores <script> and <style> tag contents isntead of rendering as text


Please visit the Revision History list to see outdated release information.

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