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DS Python 2.5

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This is a port of Python 2.5 to the Nintendo DS. However before you read further there are a couple of important things to know.


* None of the DS hardware is as yet supported. This means that the use you can get out of this port is severely limited. You cannot access the microphone, the graphics, the speakers, the touchscreen or any of the controls. All you can do is enter lines of Python code into the console through the touchscreen keyboard.

* You need a homebrew device to get the Python rom onto your DS. I will not go into what is involved here, you will need to work this out on your own.




Python 2.5 (8th January 2007)


* Upgraded to Python 2.5 from Python 2.4.3.

* Updated how the filesystem support was exposed to Python. This was needed because the hooks provided by devkitArm had changed.

* Cleaned up the source code so that others can actually get it to compile. Important bits of information were left out of the Python 2.4.3 release because I did not remember them myself when I packaged it up. Now the whole compilation process is documented in a README file which is included with the source code.

Source and Downloads: www.disinterest.org

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