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NitroTracker v0.3 - Now With MIDI!

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With DSMIDIWiFi, you can now use NitroTracker as a sequencer for your favorite music apps. Also, NitroTracker can act as a MIDI synth itself, so you can use any MIDI sequencer to play back samples you record with the DS's microphone in real time!


I also gave the interface and usability some polish and improved card compatibility. NitroTracker now supports DLDI, which means that you can easily add support for your card if it doesn't work out of the box.


Here's the list of changes:




* DSMIDIWiFi support

* The song restart position can now be set.

* WAV preview in the file selector

* Pause/Resume

* Pattern looping

* Reboot DS (press Start+Select)




* Some nice icons :o

* Shrinking the pattern cannot destroy data any more. If you accidentally make a pattern too small, you can just enlarge it again and your data is still there.

* Speed can now be adjusted while playing.

* The pattern can be switched while playing.

* Newer touch code => Better touchscreen accuracy

* The "clr" button is now on both screens.

* Lines between all rows for better orientation

* Red border when in record mode => Record mode is more obvious

* An application icon




* Relnote/finetune calculation for wavs works again.

* 8bit wavs are now loaded correctly without corruption.

* Stereo samples are now downsampled to mono.

* Better card support through new fatlib and DLDI

* An EZ4 Lite is included (.ds.gba)

* Fading no longer causes corruption on longer samples.

* "ins" is now 100% stable.

* Moved to devkitPro r19b.


Don't worry effects and everything will come, just be patient :-)


Questions, suggestions, bug reports via the usual places.


Track on!


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