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PsxDecryption Tool Released

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This new tool by Dark_AleX will allow people running 3.03 OE to decrypt & decompress PSX games that they purchased from the PS3 online store. It will also decrypt the document.dat of those games.



* This program is only for 3.03 OE. It won’t work on any other system

* Place the folder psxdecrypt at /PSP/GAME303 or if you have configured the GAME folder for 3.03 kernel, you can also place it in /PSP/GAME150.

* Place the game from the ps3store in the same directory of the application with the name “GAME.PBP”.

* Place also the keys.bin and the document.dat in the same directory.

* Execute the program.

* Press X to decrypt ISO header, game special data, and decompress the ISO image. Press O to decrypt document.dat.


Some notes:


Note: For decompressing the iso, you need a LOT of free space in your memory stick, since the decompressed iso will have more size than the pbp’s.


If you have a fake/bad memory stick, better not to use this program.

If the dxar generation took you more than 10 minutes, better not to use this program.


In good memory sticks, the process may take between 10-20minutes to more than 1 hour, depending of the size of the iso.

Source / Download

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