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jap games on ntsc SNES

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the other day i saw some one runnin seiken denetsu 3 on a ntsc snes and the cartrige was jap and it said that you can do something to your snes to make it run games like that has anyone ever confirmed this?

i have tales of phantasia in jap cartrige for collection purpuses and i woud like to try it out

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Well for starters, you need a cart adapter, as the cart is different in shape. That or you need to cut the protrusions on your NTSC SNES to get the Jap carts to fit in, or open your SNES......your choice (I'd go with an adapter for aesthetics).

Then you can simply pop a Japanese game in and play. This doesn't work with PAL games though, as all 3 regions have regional lockout chips. The only reason you can play JP on US, is because the regional chips are the same.

If you want to play PAL games as well, I suggest you get your hands on a Game Genie. Once you remove the plastic top on the connector, you can plug any cart into it and the region protection is nullified by the Game Genie because of the way it works.


See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Nintend...tainment_System about 1/3 down the page for some more detail.

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