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DevHook v0.52 Released


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DevHook v0.52.0000 includes support for firmware 3.03, which was recently decrypted by Team C+D.

1. Copy the files inside MS_ROOT to ms0:/.

2. Use the PBP Unpacker on an untouched FW3.03 PBP and extract the DATA.PSAR file.

3. Copy the DATA.PSAR file to ms0:/.

4. Copy the FW3.03 PSAR Dumper (released by Team C+D) into ms0:/PSP/GAME/.

5. Run the PSAR Dumper on your PSP and press “X” or the “Cross” button when prompted to.

6. It should automatically return to the XMB once it is done.

7. Run DevHook v0.52.

8. Select “Flash Install.”

9. Select “Setup firmware from PSAR dumper.”

10. Read the disclaimer, and press “O” or the “Circle” button if you agree with it.

11. Once it is done, go back to the main DevHook v0.52 screen.

12. Select “Firmware.”

13. Select “Firmware 3.03.”

14. Select “Start.”

15. Reboot the PSP.

16. Load DevHook v0.52 again and start FW3.03.

17. It should say that the setup information is corrupt (BSoD), just press “O” or “Circle.”

18. Reboot the PSP.

19. Load DevHook v0.52 again and start FW3.03.

20. You should now be able to apply your personal settings to your PSP!

Source / Download


(For additional downloads, please visit the source, www.psp-hacks.com)

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