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Virtual Game Maker (NDS) v0.90 Released


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It's been a long time coming, but Globoeil's Virtual Game Maker (VGM-DS, for short) is now on v0.90 with one sackful of additional features, bug fixes, major and minor tweaks, and improvements. Check out the full changelog:


* 3-step animations (Like in RM2K)

* Pages 100% working, with conditions (switch, having object, etc...)

* Full switch system

* BONUS: themes for VGMDS

* BONUS: Now you've equipment!

* BONUS: The interface has been improved for event instructions.

* Now you can copy/paste instructions and edit them.

* BONUS: Added a map-error-scanner in VGMDS!

* BONUS: GameOver screen & music!! (When like<=0)

* ALL PAGE-RELATED BUGS HAVE BEEN FIXED, all problems with event & hero collision too (better gameplay & speed).

* Change hero graphics instruction

* Change event graphics instruction

* Change general variable/switch instruction

* Change hero attribute instructions

* wait instruction (freezes the games, or freeze the event

* change hero walking speed (instruction, or setting? If its an instruction, then I can make my character press a certain key to activate running)

* add equipment instructions

* remove object instruction

* remove equipment instruction

* Show picture instruction

* Teleport Event

* Play animation (on event)

* Play animation (on hero)

* Move other event/hero

* Move (for x pixels, not squares)

* Move (square): approach/escape from hero,random

* Advanced variables

* Fork condition instruction

* Save in VGRDS


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