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PSP iR Shell 3.1 Released


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iR Shell 3.1 includes support for firmware 1.50, 2.71 with HEN-D, Dark_AleX’s 2.71 SE-C, and DevHook-emulated 1.50/2.71.


New features:


* Universal Infra-Red Remote is now working under firmware 2.71 mode of iR Shell.

* Support direct launching of Devhook 0.51. A new option “Devhook Launcher Ver” is added under iR Configurator which allows you to choose Devhook 0.4x or Devhook 0.51 to launch. For devhook 0.51, iR Shell doesn’t keep any devhook settings and will use those settings that you’ve defined under original devhook launcher. The devhook CPU speed will carry forward from iR Shell. Pls note you shouldn’t enable usbhostfs or nethostfs when launching devhook 0.51 from iR Shell.

* Enhance nethostfs & UMD compatibility which will allow WiFi keypad redirection to work with almost all UMD games that are supported by firmware 2.71. This should bring the compatibility of nethostfs to about the same level as usbhostfs. Under iR Configurator, a new option named “Nethost/UMD Compatibility” which can be set as “Normal” or “Maximum”. Default is being set to normal. Pls note the nethostfs is only enahcned under firmware 2.71 mode, nethostfs under firmware 1.5 is unchanged.

For “Maximum” setting, the nethostfs & UMD will have the best compatibility. However, the MP3 playback & Mute Game Audio function will be unavailable when nethost is active.

For “Normal” setting, the nethostfs & UMD compatibility are good, but not as good as the Maximum setting. The MP3 playback & Mute Game Audio will still be available under “Normal” setting.

* Plugin suffix extension has been changed from 3 characters to 1-4 characters.

* Bundled a HTML Viewer plugin by Dark_AleX which means you can open HTML documents (suffix as HTML or HTM) directly from iR Shell file browser.

* Bundled an updated ISO plugin by StoneCut which has Devhook launching capability built-in. This is for use with legally owned backups only.


Bug fixes:


* When running iR Shell under firmware 1.5 mode of Dark_Alex 2.71 SEC, if you exit iR Shell when “Allow Adhoc PC Connection for Homebrew” is enabled, your PSP will crash.

* The “Free Space” under directory view can’t display anything larger than 2GB.

* Can’t choose plugin # larger than 10 under iR Shell Configurator.


PDF user guide included.

Source / Download

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