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PS2 graphic controller missing DLL

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This was PM'd to me for some strange reason, as I know totally nothing about PS2, anyway I'll put it here.


Not actually sure if he's talking about PSX or PS2, meh.


ZeroGS_KOSMOS, Today, 09:25 PM


I from Turkey...


Thank you for your "good" site :shootem:


I looking for pcsx2 Graphic controller. ZeroGS_KOSMOS_0.95.2_nonsse2.dll is not detecting by pcsx. How do I use it.

Now if someone can answer the gentleman's question...

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Well, english is obviously not his strong point. If you ask me, he's looking for an alternate graphics plugin for PCSX2 because for some reason the ZeroGS plugin is not working.


Tell him to go here http://www.zophar.net/utilities/ps2plugins.html (Zophar's Domain of all places, imagine that) to check for other graphics plugins. Except that most of the ones listed are next to worthless and the good plugins are already included in the PCSX2 archive.


Then again, others can feel free to prove me wrong if there has been some development in the PS2 graphics plugin "scene" that I'm not aware of.


Ah, to hell with this. Just ask him what the hell he's done to his system if the plugins fail to initialize, because the chances are that if the non-SSE version of the ZeroGS graphics plugin fails, all other graphics plugins most likely fail as well.

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