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Custom Backgrounds on 3.01 hack


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If you're like me (RaiderX), you'll want to customize every last bit of all your firmwares (flash, devhook, etc) Well, you've probably stumbled across the 01-12.bmp and tried editing to find that not all the images loaded. Well, I took a bit of time and figured out that Sony simply merged all the images into one file. You cna do this just the same way by simply opening up a new file in a hex editor, then opening each image you want to use in the hex editor and copying the code and pasting them right after the last one in the order you want them. Its very simple stuff. Heres my BG set I made, try it out if you want:




replace that with ms0:\dh\301\f0\vsh\resource\01-12.bmp


So theres an easy way and a hard way, well actually, there's an easy way, and an even easier way.


[The Red Pill]

To Do it manually:

- Download a hex editor, there's plenty of free ones out there for every operating system.

- Open a new file in the hex editor

- Open the images you want to use (01.bmp 02.bmp 03.bmp 04.bmp 05.bmp 06.bmp 07.bmp 08.bmp 09.bmp 10.bmp 11.bmp 12.bmp)

- Select the entire code for 01.bmp (Ctrl + A in windows should select all)

- Copy it and paste it into the new blank file

- Now you can close 01.bmp and go to 02.bmp

- Copy all the code for 02.bmp and paste all tis code right after the code you pasted for 01.bmp, dont put any space or anything between them, jus thte image right after the last one.

- Repeat the steps for all the images and save as "01-12.bmp"

- Check the file size should be 72.3kb (74,112bytes)

- Copy it to ms0:\dh\301\f0\vsh\resource\01-12.bmp and overwrite the old one

- Load devhook and see if it worked

- Enjoy!



[The Blue Pill]

I've made a little BATCH file for windows users to use and it'll easily merge the images for you.



Instructions for the Merger:

- Place the BMP Merger.bat in the same folder as the 01.bmp 02.bmp 03.bmp 04.bmp 05.bmp 06.bmp 07.bmp 08.bmp 09.bmp 10.bmp 11.bmp and 12.bmp

- Run BMP Merger.bat

- You will now have a 01-12.bmp, put it in ms0:\dh\301\f0\vsh\resource\01-12.bmp and overwright the old one

3.01 Has got to be the fastest hacked firmware EVER. :devilboy: First the 3.01 SE installer, now this? Looks like Sony will have to hurry up with their next attempt to stop the PSP homebrew scene.

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