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Daedalus Spiff Up 1.3 Released


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This latest (unofficial) release by wally from DCEmu was planned to be released next to the official R9, but seeing as it has been 3 months since R8, wally decided it was time to release it. This spiff up fixes a bunch of problems with games. Here's a list:

OOT being the game that we all love (Though you should get a N64 to play it) is a bit complicated for me at the moment, i am awaiting a reply from strmnNrmn via email which will help me solve those issues. Oh I dont plan to start from the start of OOT, Will do the temples which may help with everything. Marketplace and intro are now fixed


Road Rash : Still trying to figure out why some of the guys only have wheels for a bike but its fun!


Mortal Kombat 4: Menu text,Characters, background i think is related to mirroring.. Powers etc are fixed.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Added ingame stuff however doesnt work properly yet.


Super Smash Bros:

Still working out how to fix this game up good, getting somewhere though


S.C.A.R.S Added Most ingame stuff still not 100%


Sin and Punishment: Works quite well on level 1, never tried level 2, guessing more stuff to implement


Quest 64: Various Fixes (Hasnt been checked yet)


San Fransisco Rush - Isnt quite normal but getting there


As Usual some games might have been fixed up which arent listed here..


Download via comments: Daedalus Spiff Up 1.3

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