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PS1P Alpha 1 Released

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It’s finally here! The long awaited (and rumored fake) PS1 homebrew emulator has finally been released. It may not be as fast as the official PS1 emulator, but at least you don’t have to spend $2,000 on eBay (that’s right, you must have a PS3 to use the official PS1 emulator) and update to a homebrew-less firmware to use it.


From the read me:


"The wait is worth it. I’m releasing a version that will run anything. ISO, BIN, Z and ZNX. The rest you know. scph1001.bin and images in the __SCE__ps1p directory.


This version has some compatibility problems which I plan to fix soon, for example the FF7 intro movie doesn’t run. You can play the game though, just get past the intro using a standard PC emulator (PCSX, ePSXe, …) and copy over the memory card file (mcd001.mcr or mcd002.mcr).


Use L+R+ up/down to tweak the CPU timing.


I think L2 and R2 aren’t working at the moment too.


Attached the zip file.




Download: PS1P Alpha 1


Also, I am not sure if I provide a link to the PS1 BIOS file that is needed, so I will not unless a mod says I can.


Anyway, I am definitely going to give this a try. Even if it ends up sucking, it sure as hell beats upgrading to 3.00! :(

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