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What is the best method for making the PSP


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I have Devhook 0.46 .

And everytime i try to run a game at 333 hz the emulator freezes up on me.

How do you safely run your PSP at 333 hz?

What method do you use to make the PSP run at that speed?.



Thanks in advance.

Well, if you could tell me some things, I could help you out:

1. What firmware is your PSP?

2. What firmware are you using DevHook to emulate?

3. What setting do you use in the "Boot Select" menu?

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My PSP is 1.50

trying to emulate GTA VICE CITY

these are my devhook settings


umd mode - iso any umd

umd version - 2.xx 2.00

firmware - 2.71

cpu clock - 333hz

boot select - reboot xmb

autorun mod - disabled

usb mod - disabled

screenshot mod - disabled

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Some games have specific compatibility issues. GTA LCS had them aswell.


Try a different rip or 222mhz. Theres also the possibility that it wont work with Devhook at all though in which case ull have to use umdemu or something similar.


Sorry I cant be more specific- havnt tried loading VCS.

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