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DS2Key for Macintosh

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Thanks for doing that, anyone owning a DS and a Mac should be very happy. :)


Don't forget to pop by every so often in case anyone has a question!

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The link to download and documentation says this:


You do not have permission to access /ds2key on this server."

Help please?

The last post made here was about 6 years ago so I'm sure the site has changed a bit. I found the link: http://erix.lu/?SECTION=5&LANG=EN but the download doesn't seem to work. You could message the owner of the site I suppose. From the looks of the screen shots you'd also need a date DS2Key build, which won't work on DSLites or anything newer.

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since I also wanted to use DS2Key on OSX I did some research and end up with nothing.
So I wrote a DS2Key OSX Server.
It does not support the touchscreen and his very limited, so you can only use it to emulate keystrokes
(thus using it as gamepad on emulators).

If anyone is interested, just let me know, I'll public the binaries with some instructions.

At the moment you can find the source on github:
DS2Key Server

Is working fine with the latest DS2Key client (SVN r52)

On my US-Layout keyboard the key binding is:

"KEY_L" x
"KEY_R" d
"KEY_A" -
"KEY_B" =
"KEY_X" z
"KEY_Y" q
Edited by andreadipersio

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Hey andreadipersio, glad to see some interest in the new build. If you need any help with your server I'd be happy to give any help I can.

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