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0.107u3 releases


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SDLMAME 0.107u3

It's right here [14.1 MB].


What's new?


* Up to date with 0.107u3 mainline, of course

* -disabledraw changed to -video none to match baseline

* Fixed crashes on non-32bpp ("millions of colors") desktops in soft mode

* Made easier to port to more minimal systems without OpenGL

* SDLMAME is supported on the official board as always.


PS: On the trojan front, the 68020 side runs well on the PCB, but I've had some issues getting the MCU to cooperate. And at 20 minutes erase time per EPROM the turnaround is pretty nasty (I don't know how Guru puts up with it). Still, onwards we go


MAME Plus! 0.107u3 2006-08-10


There is a performance issue with SCALE_EFFECTS, it is temporarily disabled in this version.


* GUI: fixed language menu check mark when GUI is switched to full screen mode [regret]

* GUI: fixed crash on startup when user interface options are "Reset to Default"

* GUI: added option to disable ImageMenu ("View - Menu Style")

* GUI: added "Visual Effects" Combobox

* GUI: fixed context menu position when screen shot area is hidden

* GUI: updated "Export Game List" code [emu_max]

* Core: fixed a bug that caused M68k DRC core does not work properly for neogeo encrypted games (garou, kof2003, etc.)

* UI: fixed a bug that caused "Show Command" and "Show Cheat List" shortcut menu doesn't popup [regret]

* UI: fixed crash when using PageUp in in-game menu

* UI: fixed crash in "Show GFX"

* Misc: updated Spanish and Korean translation

* neogeo: added samsho5b C, V roms, these has been confirmed on a real PCB which has 4 C's and 4 V's [flycboy]

* neogeo: added sthoopcd(Street Hoop) CD to MVS conversion

* neogeo: renamed some decrypted romsets (source code only)

* neogeo: fixed runtime bug in kof2003d (source code only)

* neogeo: fixed fr2ch driver [XiaoFang]

* Compiling: fixed compiling error for MSVC & ICC (source code only) [xvi]

* Compiling: added/fixed compiling options for the following:


-- USE_HISCORE (source code only)







Mame32 Plus Plus


Info.dat and MAME32Hp4


History.dat 1.07c

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