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1Emulation made its debut into the emulation scene in 2002 with the goal of providing people with the latest news in everything emulation, from arcades to home consoles to handhelds. Our dedicated news posting staff is always ready to post the latest news around the clock for your reading pleasure. Although we focus mainly on emulation news, we go beyond and report on the latest important gaming and entertainment news as well. Subscribe to our RSS feeds to get your daily dose of comprehensive emulation news!


One of our goals has always been to strive to be different and offer something new and original. One way we have tried to accomplish this is by hosting our own live radio talk show where we interview the people who make the emulation scene possible such as emulator authors and other website owners. We are planning on having another radio show very soon!


1Emulation is also the home to a thriving community of old and new emulation enthusiasts from all over the world. In just a few short years, we have grown from a handful of members to over 10,000 strong and there is no end in sight. Our forums are also the official homes of great Nintendo DS homebrew software such as DSWifi, DS2Key, Dualis, Pointy Remote, and more. Come, join, and participate our community to see for yourselves! Need a place to host your official forums or website? Do you have an emulator, homebrew project, or emulation related site you need hosted? Contact us for hosting information and be part of the 1Emulation Network.


Since our inception, we have created the 1Emulation Network where we are proud to host such great emulators and apps like Dualis, Gebea, FBA Plus!, and Chankast Utilities. We are also happy to have other great emulation related sites who contribute to the rest of the scene like Classic-Shock as part of our network.


We are also proud to be affiliated with such emulation and gaming sites such as AEP-Emu, NGEmu, The Mugen Fighters Guild, and DCEmuUK. Together we can achieve our goal of providing the best emulation news to you as quickly and accurately as possible. Want to affiliate with us? Let us know!

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