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Ace Combat 04 - Shattered Skies


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So far I've found that the FMVs are all of the files in the "SMV" and "MIS" folders on the disc. The only program that comes close to playing anything off of them is PowerDVD (it plays the video at normal speed showing that the video is MPEG-1). Now it seems that the FMVs are in some sort of MPEG-2 format (as far as video) but no other program seems to recognize the stream data off the files.


With normal PSS format FMVs the video is a standard MPEG-2 steam and the audio is in some other PS2 PCM format (from what I've learned). The only thing I can see is that the video header is different then a standard PSS file's causing normal PSS ripping programs to reject them. If someone could figure out what the difference in the AC04 SMVs and standard PSS files then maybe this might solve the answer as to why no one has been able to rip the FMVs for the Kingdom Hearts games (not counting the fact that KH also hides it's data like most other Square games).


If you think you can add to this information please feel free to reply. What I've typed here is things that I've come across that I hope can help the people that know how to make these kinds of rippers and stuff just in case I found out something they haven't.


I know this is a bit long-winded but I wanted to put in everything I've found so far. Programmers, hope this helps.

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