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Burning PSX1 games with Nero etc


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I didnt have suceed with alcohol (as it gave me the blue screen as well) and dont like cdrwin so I use this. I read it is the stable one so I am using this ver.

Ok do I start by selecting 'make Data disk' or 'bootable disk'? I read some of the guide but confused, didnt see it please clarify, these are bin/cue btw (in short). Was told it doesnt support bin/cue..... so have to move to other program?


Someone recommended Imgburn but I got a coster on my 1st try with it


ell this supid Imgburn just gave me a coster with my plextor explan what did wrong? (Im probably gonna delete it WTF would this this program give a coster on a burn ;/




Miscompare at LBA: 12, Offset 2348


Device: 0x3F

Image File: 0x00


Total Errors in Sector: 4


Would you like to continue verifying the remainder of the disc?


Any suggestion thax




PS BIN Cue it this the most perferred format used today or img (clonecd) are used too?

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um...ok...This is confusing. You should really try and explain better. From what I can tell you are trying to burn PSX game in a cue/bin format, Alcohol crashed on you and you don't like CDRwin and your not sure what format to burn the disc in with Nero. Am I right so far?


Well I should be able to help you as I have burned several PSX games successfully. The only issues I've ever had are skipping FMVs but I think it has something to do with my burner. What I need to know right now it:


What burner are you using?

I can see it says Plexor but I need more info in case I need to research.


What version of Alcohol 120% are you using and at what point did it "blue screen"?


As far as Nero DO NOT burn the files as data. You will have to choose Recorder->Burn Image from the top menu (after exiting the wizard) and yes it does support CUE image files. If your problem is that they won't run on your playstation it's because no copied game will run on an unmoded PSX.


I really want to help you out here but there is just not enough information to give you a definant answer to your poblem at this time.

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