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Going Insane -- GCLinux (Resolved)

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Okay, I'm going right out of my mind, trying to get this crap working. I am trying to get it set up as a thin client, reading off of my server, which has an NFS share set up properly. (I can access it from my desktop, and it's currently mounted).


The problem is that my GameCube cannot seem to access it. It tries a couple of UDP ports, then claims it mounted the root file system as readonly. Then it just kind of dies. It responds to ping, but I can't SSH in (connection refused), or do much of anything, as it claims it can't spawn a console.


Now, what I am currently thinking is that there's a bug of some sort in the dol. My subnet is, rather than, so I changed the numbers with a hex editor, and they seem to be responding properly, according to the GameCube's boot sequence. I am very very reluctant to change my subnet, as this one is set up just the way I like it.


So my question here is if anyone has ever got it working... and if so, can you please post what it says after IP-Config?


I am also reluctant to use the gbd version, as NFS seems like the proper tool for the job. But I might try that tomorrow anyway. But in the meantime... help would be much appreciated. ;) I'm going quite insane.


EDIT: Nevermind, it's working. I'm a dumbass. Basically, I hadn't untarred the root filesystem as root. I did it again, and it works fine now. :lol: (I just need to figure out how to get my keyboard working, and I gather there's a kernel patch for that.)

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