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Gogo can you add "kiosk mode" to FBAxxx ?


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could you put a line in the.ini that reads


kiosk mode = 1 or 0


HK$ added this feature to mameox128 and it makes the emu so much nicer in a kiosk setting. That way it cant be messed up or altered.


For FBAxxx Kiosk mode I would want only these buttons to work


-A (Green) button to start game

-system select button to switch systems (you made this customizable in earlier versions...THANK YOU!!!)

-RThumb click exits game and goes to games select screen


And also HK$ added Soundtrack support wich is verrrry cool...Maybe HK$ can show you how to add it? :D

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What exactly is that mode?

A to start the game, seems to be the same to me :S.

The only difference I see is no ingame menu, anyway many things are do-able, so why not :afro:.



-no ingame menu

-options should be disabled from the game select menu so users cant change settings


You got it! That would be "kiosk mode = 1"


Thanx so much man!

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