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SONIC CD on Neogenesis: how can I play it?


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I'd say the error is pretty self explanatory.


Now you don't know how to follow what it says, because you have probably never used a real SCD before......it's ok, neither have I but it sure helps.


Hold "B" when you start up the game (B on the real system......whatever that may be on your Xbox controller) to get to the CD Player and go to the options and format the RAM Cart and restart the game.

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On the Xbox when the Sega CD screen come up hit "A" and it will take you to the Sega CD dashboard (looks like an audio player). Then select the "Memory" option and choose to "Format". I think there are actually two format options... I'm not sure which you need to do, so just do both (that's what I did anyway) and the game should work. You will only need to do this once.

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