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Multiplayer-----Jekly And hyde---cheats myths----lies--

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---A pice on multiplayer gaming---- well quite a long pice actually probablie bore you to death :lol:



I dont know if you guys go for this crack but i play a lot on Medal of honor allied assault. [im a FPS shooter nut]


Other the time i have owned the game from been a dial up vetran and fighting my way threw lag all the way to ADSL and tasting real play time and...Death.


That cocky i was on a dial up that any dial up server i went on i always finnished the round top or in the top 3 at the back end of my dial up life i was tottaly rufless and dominated dial up rooms all night.




ADSL dropped into my lap.


Ahhhh i thoght now we shall see who has the last laff[spell?]

Not been a player to boast openly in a room or one to find self smugness a comforting feeling i headed out on to my first taste of high speed gaming with next to no lag.


And blam!!

I won a straight 3 sessions with the highest kill rate [over a period of time]


I settled into my playing pattern beliving i was a really good player and maybe dreaming i could take on the best............




I went to the servers with specialised clans...


A clan is a group of poeple who form there own group and set about there particular game and fighting other clans for the genral feeling of acoplishment.


Wile i could still give these Aces a fare fight i realised i was out of my leauge big time.

Loseing matches buy a clear 30 kills and having a fairly high death rate to boot.


These players play all day and basecally live for the game.


Pulling of shots with the sniper rifle that one would think was impossibile.


There reaction time as you enter a room and fireing upon you are threw the roof.


I had the misfortune of playing two particular players who wore high;ly skilled individuals--i will call them nob head 1 and bonhead 2. :shock:


These guys entered a room and proceed to execute all that wore in there way with the typed motto after you had tasted there lead and died was this.


----[[[sit the Fu@@ Down ------]]]




I was mad but not as mad as i used to get when i first started out...

I Learned about something calld multiplayer cheats back when i had dial up.


The aimbot:


A device created were buy automatically fires upon your target without you fireing you just have to point.


This one is well know and is filtered out threw punk buster [anti multiplayer cheat]


I know because i tried it and...

I got it to work on a server were there wore no filters or forced consoles.


The result.


Emsley wins.


The reaction fire is increased dramatically downing your enemies buy moving your cursor over them and with the "angles pencilled in"

head shots were think and fast.


To get away with this and ovbioulsy every shot you take cant be a head shot.....


You have to lower the angles of the aimbot so it hits between head and body hight.


Satisfied i could spot a cheat [or an aimbot user]


And i belive i can....

It worries me that most clans... Can customise there servers these cheats alow infenite energy and no recoil on the guns etc for better accuracy.


Entering a clan server is pointless i have seen these people use blatant wall hacks [dissapear into senary see threw walls]


Some clans exsist soly to cheat... :happy:

I can name a few out there were you will not belive whats going on around you...new players know nothing..they will get the feeling there just crap players.



Ok so the motto of the story is...

More to come this is the first part. :lol:

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Well here is a little more on the multiplayer exsperiance.


I was kicking butt last night on an E A server an officiol server if you will.


No cheats there then for sure!...

Or so i thoght.


After playing for about an hour some people who play this game way to much for the health come on.


They started dominating the sever which me and a guy called DEE UK wore doing a pretty good job of so far.


Eventullly i beune to realise these 2 new players [always come in twos]

Wore far supirior in playning skills than i was.

Fair enuff.


Untill after about another half an hour of play one noticed that an aformentioned user had 2hacked his way in to the floor"


A ladder hack or a shark hack if you will.


This means the player has installed a hack into his actuall graphics car.



This means wile playing you need to approach a ladder and there the ladder hack can be used, this makes you intertwine with the scenary and is a tottaaly ovbious cheat to spot.


Rumores are rife that there is a new aimbot out for medel of honor "and sadly"

Undetectabile open gl hack.


Me thinks this new aimbot is spreading fast i have noticed a pattern of play imerging lately were as the players who are good are good, but the ones [like the two cheaters last night]

are purly unstoppabile in the FPS.


Makes you think dont it.


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i think on line gaming is a load of b*****ks. i cant work out why people would cheat in this way ok in a single player game where u are stuck, but in a multiplayer game? what do they do? sit there at home thinking they are the greatest players of all time? it ruins it for every1. i remember in the old days of team fortress when you could move around for more than 2 secs b4 being shot. you can always work out when there are cheaters as you never improve with time. :happy:

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Well said swamp thing.

And you are correct about "never improve with time" when there are cheats about.

You just cant its like fighting 100% acurate drioids.

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The whole online cheating thing is basically why I only play on private servers with my friends. That way if someone is cheating you can physically kick thier arse for doing so.


When you get some cheating wanker online who says "lmfao rofl lol rofl y0 suxor j00 lo0zer", it's a shame you can't give him a good slapping.

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Yep they have to be put up with and sometimes im unsure if they are cheating or are indeed highly skilld individuals. :happy:


Sends me nutz

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YA super score i got a lot of play time in with the shotgun did really well.


Untill the player <SBV>TrL.'Oly come on the server.


Same old story he has caln essence about him.


I am not saying all clans cheat not at all i have played some craking clans who have the cheat filters installled.


Anyway the guy came on and...

Well i left anyways. :happy:

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I found this a long time ago when i had dial up put me well of from cheating.

http://multiplayercheats.net/ :shock:



Oh and also a place for real cheats as you can see these people take it serious all i did was tipe "multiplayer cheats and bang its up.



EMAIL the site owner. :happy:

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Well you may of all thoght i was nuts but i have found the new aimbot for medel of honor.




A small zip and BAng! tells you how to set everything up.


I am distressed i tried it...


I got the wall hack working i was unstoppabile i will show you a screen shot of it in action. :happy:




Well theres the proof i thoght MOHAA was going downn hill and there i am with my shotgun saying ill handle this.


Its easy to spot who else is cheating.


The site bove contains the ultimate package if a noobie had some knowledge he could put it togther and be ruling a server in less than a week. :shock:

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:lol: I've never used a wallhack before in MOA so it's pretty funny to see what it looks like. Definately takes all the fun away though. (I may have to try it just once :lol: )


Anyone thinking they are great when they cheat is like saying they are a pornstar just because they cellotape a ruler onto the end of thier ding-a-lingkie. They are lying to everyone else but most importantly to themself :P

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Its addictive.

I have sinse removed all files.

However :lol:


When i am on a server and a guy comes on and starts bullyng me because of his cheats...

Then i will apply mine bwa hahahahahah bwhahaha.


Used in moderation it aint so bad.


Put the shotgun on and get on southern france its hilarious watching them walk to the door in that split second they see you there dead.

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