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Slowness ON & OFF.. We are fixing it. ;-)

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Slowness back again. We are fixing it still.

It seems that we thought we fixed it, but we were wrong.


Here is all the info, I don't know anymore:


After a certain amount of time, httpd (the Apache webserver daemon program) would use up a lot of memory so it would bog down the server. By setting up softlimit to limit the amount of memory each httpd process can use, we can hopefully prevent this from happening again.


There are several possible reasons httpd processes have been growing to exceptional sizes:


* A hacker has been launching DoS attacks.

* httpd, mod_php, mysqld, or one of the scripts a hostee runs has been having a race condition causing it to use up lots of resources.

* httpd has a major memory leak problem.

* Something we can't seem to think of at the moment.


We'll know by tomorrow if softlimit works in preventing the server from being bogged down.


None of this stuff is directly towards EmulForums. My server has over 30 hosted websites and we are just one of them, so will just have to wait till they fix it. :)

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