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Need Help >_>


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Win2DS isn't working, are we supposed to enter the IP, and crud from our computer? me go get what the command prompt gives me...





Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:


and ipconfig/all:


same as above and:


DHCP, and DNS:



if anyone can help me, thanks (i've been entering this on the Wi-Fi settings of my DS, so tell me if i'm wrong, thanks :3

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here is the settings I have that work for both on-line games and my homebrew


in nintendo WiFi settings (I share net connection from dial-up at the time over the router. Believe it or not I can perfectly normal games in Mariokart ofer Dial-Up)


Auto IP off


subnet Mask

Gateway ***.***.***.*** (router's IP)

auto DNS OFF (you cant turn on with static IP)

Primary DNS ***.***.***.*** (Computer's IP Address)

Secondary DNS: ***.***.***.*** (LAN IP of computer with shared internet [has 2 network IP's]) if not using a shared connection leave blank



Weep for my dial-up not, we are getting Wireless high speed as soon as they finish installing a tower in my area


*edit* oh and the server IP will also be your PC's IP address

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