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DS2Key Released! ~ Sending shockwaves to 1Emu :)

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DS2Key is an application that sends PC Keyboard signals through wifi so you can use your Nintendo DS somewhat like a PC Gamepad. We want to apologize for missing on this release until we saw the online user count double.





1. Replace in DS2Key.bat with your lan ip address.

2. Execute DS2Key.bat and a console window should open and remain open.

3. Copy DS2Key.nds or DS2Key.ds.gba to your flash card.

4. Run DS2Key as you would the official wifi test application.





Modify key port numbers (9501 is default) and keys (the other numbers)

for more then one DS at a time. The numbers represent Direct Input Key

Codes, look them up if your able.





(01.17.06) 0.1

First Release


(01.19.06) 0.11

Fixed bug where light would be off by default manually booting with a *me.



Whats Next


Much more organised and userfriendly everything in the next version.

I'll be releasing source code. I'll release my DS Winamp Controller

with source.

The response for DS2Key has been amazing and we hope everyone can realize what 1Emulation has to offer and get some new members because of it. We're also very pleased at the response of DS2Key and happy that Sypherce has posted it first here on 1Emulation. :P


»» Original Thread/Download (DS2Key)

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