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Cannot receive UDP until packet sent


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Hi People


Since this is my first post here I wish to salute the wonderful work that was done and which allows us to tinker with small packets on the beloved NDS :P Congrats 8)


I've encountered a rather puzzling behavior, can't determine if it's the AP or the library.... I'm using a linksys WAG54G Access Point and static IP address allocation.


When I use the UDP Test app, it seems I cannot receive any UDP packet on the DS, unless I have previously sent one. The problem exists with wifi_lib_test, and also with the stripped version and my own dirty experiments. What is puzzling is, the computer I use to send the packets doesn't even issue the packet on the network. So I guess that the AP does not respond to ARP requests toward the static IP I gave to the NDS. Then I use the DS to send a packet, this works ok and after that, traffic from the PC is sent to the network, to the AP, and ultimately to the DS.


My analysis is that the AP uses the first successful packet from the DS to "learn" that it serves the static IP address, after which it is able to respond to ARP requests.


My questions are : do other people encounter this ? is it specific to the AP I use ? Is it standard, desirable behavior ? or could it be improved inside the lib ?


Thanks -- ventilo

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I think this is particular for your AP. I haven't encountered such behaviour... I am the writer of the program DSRemote, which sends a "Connection established" message when the program is started to the DS, this message is recieved fine without first sending another message, conclusion: your AP is acting weird.

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