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Lua Japanese Flashcards v1.5 Released

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PDRoms reports that Lua Japanese Flashcards has been updated. Lua Japanese Flashcards is a heavily modified compilation program of Hiragana and Katakana flash card programs for the Sony Playstation Portable. It now includes all 80 tier 4 kanji flash cards, full list of characters, and randomly displays characters in a non-repeating fashion. It also provides English translations with the press of a button. Below are the release notes for this version.




I have now released an update to my Japanese Flashcard program which includes all eighty of the tier 4 kanji. It can be found in the My Programs link on the right hand side of this page.


This is a great step and I hope to continue working by moving on to the large number kanji remaining in tier's 3 through 1. However without a PSP, as per my last note, I am not in a great mood.


So, like all good web pages, I am asking for you to donate so I can again repurchase a 1.5 Firmware PSP and the accessories I need.


In return for a donation of more than 5 USD I will be adding your e-mail to a list and providing any and all beta updates I will be working on in adding further kanji to my Japanese Flashcard program.


- Bob535 ( Site Admin and Coder )

You can find out more information here.

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