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Ex:Machina Released


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Ex:Machina is a GameBoy Advance game, reports PDRoms, by lewisrevill@btinternet.com. Below are his release notes.


Hey people. This is really just a quick site to publisize my game I have created for the Gameboy Advance


This is my first game I have programmed for the GBA and it taken me a fair amount of time. I am proud of it though. Its reallt a 2D devil may cry - well thats what i wanted it to be because its an awesome game! Below is a link so you can download may game. This file has instructions a screen shot and the game file. You will need a Gameboy Advance emulator or flash cart to play this game. Only thing I ask for is some feedback - I want to know what people think. Even if you think its rubbish i still want to know so i can get better. With more feedback I might add to the game, make a sequel or a brand new game (will probably do this anyway!

Click here to visit the homepage.

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