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Daemon Tools v4.00 released

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DAEMON TOOLS V4.00 released


Dear DT-Community,


today, we release the new V4.00.


As we already heard from our customers, it fixes indeed most or even all blacklists - however, it is STILL a SCSI-Emulator, therefore it's still necessary to remove present IDE-Drives!


As nearly all protections now block ALL SCSI-Drives, no matter if REAL or VIRTUAL, you need to DISABLE your ide-drives! This version is more or less only a "next step", it does NOT contain an IDE-Jammer atm. However, we are working on it and will hopefully have it ready soon. So be warned - do NOT complain about the "lack" of the IDE-Jammer-Device. We release it now, as is. It fullfilles its job as long as no IDE is present in System or you otherwise block that IDE-nodes. After all it's STILL free!


In order to keep FREE distribution of DAEMON Tools we need to make one more important change: we offer an option to install client-side advertising software applications:

-"DAEMON Tools Searchbar"- that has integrated DAEMON Tools functionality and also relevant text links


-"Save Now" software module, which delivers a limited number of behaviorally targeted and contextually relevant coupons and comparative shopping results directly to consumer's desktop - without compromising the privacy, security or smooth functioning of peoples' computers!

No URL hijacking or redirects!

These software does not collect or transmit consumers' personally identifiable information. But unlike virtually all other behavioral targeting companies, it does not transmit detailed records of consumers' browsing and purchasing histories or compile databases of their behavioral data to share with third parties, nor does it any type of user profiling!

This software has been independently audited by Richard Purcell (former Chief Privacy Officer of Microsoft and current Chairman of TrustE) to ensure the accuracy of our privacy claims. You can read a summary (http://www.whenu.com/pc_role_audit.html) of the findings or download the full report (http://www.whenu.com/CPGPrivacyAuditOfWhenU.pdf).

We set up a special forum so please post in THAT forum only about questions, concerns or anything else that is related to these software. The forum's name is "DAEMON Tools Searchbar".


In order to support FREE distribution of DAEMON Tools we highly encourage you at least to try out this optional software! (you can remove it anytime later when you wish: via "Control Panel"-> "Add/Remove Programs")


We leave that decision to you, so please don't blame us that we did it that way. It was a compromise to continue the free support - we would much appreciate it if you install that ADWARE-stuff. We setup a special forum so please post in THAT forum only about questions, concerns or anything else that is related to that ADWARE. The forum's name is "DAEMON Tools Searchbar".


To sum it up:

- NO IDE-Jammer atm - we are working on it! No ETA for it - it's done when it's done!

- ADWARE INCLUDED - you can, however, UNCHECK that ADWARE at installation!


The changelog for V4:


- complete redesign from scratch


- support of 4 virtual drives


- ONLY X32-supported now. X64 will follow


- Drivername randomly generated on each machine (not finished yet)


- Drive-vendor and versionnumber randomly generated


- Complete new emulation architecture


- DCP (DaemonCodeProtect) to make analyses harder and increase development time for malicious anti-DT tools


- Digital signature verification of applications who are trusted to access DT in secure mode


- AutoInsertNotification fully implemented (can be turned on/off at ControlPanel)


- Dropped: MS-Installer, DT now use modificated NullsoftInstaller


- Dropped: analog sound support (as Windows 2000 and above do not need this feature)


- supports all popular copyprotections


Again: This version is an "in between" step to fix latest issues not only with protections but also many other issues and installation-problems.

We work hard to release soon next update!

>> Get it HERE

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This thing works like a dream. Kudos tothe DT team.

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